Sunday, October 21, 2012


Never doubt the fact that if you travel and return to musical equipment that sat waiting at home the shit will act strange. Whether from jealousy that it didn't get to go or night visitations from some sort of creepy crawly house centipede the fact remains, "no stompbox should go unpranced upon for long". So after a 34 day Lightning Bolt tour when I tore right into a Black Pus show hoping to channel all my fine-tuned psychometal fury into the personal free wheeling expression of Black Pus what did I get? A stream of bewildered drumming alongside some pedals and electronics with a determined contrarian mind of their own. Some days the pedals play you.

But anyway in a world where the pressure's on to debut a new trick every sixty seconds it's fun to step up, so here's this, a new Black Pus video for two songs off my bandcamp album "Pus Mortem". The songs, "Why Must it End?" and "Meet me in that Other Place" are total trash emo. And I had so much footage I couldn't bear to see on the cutting room floor I, being a fully faulty editor, just made it a double feature. Consider it a portrait of me draining my iPhone battery in the van on LB tour filming bits and pieces of the scenery with no real notion of what to do with it, and what did I do? Glued them pieces together with very little out of camera editing(a few nudges here and there to promote interesting audio/visual correlations). I'm satisfied with the results. Thanks to Brian Gibson and Mikey Knives for bearing with me when glancing over on my driving shift to see one hand on the wheel, one on the phone camera and one on the sewing kit fixing my mask.

Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch in HD, it looks like a turd without it. Make it a little bigger too which means if your computer is as slow as mine, you might have to wait around a while before it starts. Bummer. #FirstWorldProblems as they say. Or you could just watch it on this page in the tiny screen and squint. The video's a circular shot round the country in landscapian order, heading south out of Providence down to New Orleans, west across the deep south including a sweet sweaty 12 hour drive from Austin to Santa Fe, up the West Coast from LA all the way to that horribly ugly city Vancouver and back across the states through towns like Salt Lake, insano Denver and Omaha. Boise Idaho on a sunday night? Thanks to all who came out to see/hear us play. It was a good time. On to our feature presentation,

so what else is going on? This summer I released the album those two songs are from. As I mentioned it's called "Pus Mortem" and it's on bandcamp for the democratic price of "pay what you want". Below is the "cover".  Apparently I've reached the point in my life where everything I draw looks like Mat Brinkman made it. Not a bad place to be.

In other news Black Pus has signed up to release an LP with the wonderful folks at Thrill Jockey.  This is a new HiFi escapade recorded by my fine friends at Machine with Magnets in Pawtucket RI,  the studio who brought you the last two Battles records, The Body LP's, and a Skull Defekts/Daniel Higgs record to name a few. Keith and Seth are pros and kinda nice guys too. The LP hits the planet March 2013.

I leave you with two videos, first a Maks Suski vid, Black Pus live in Hudson NY at Basilica Hudson, one of my Favorite Pus videos ever. an improv that landed in a good place. Thanks Maks as always!

and second a mini documentary filmed by Graham B here in my lair, The Hillarious Attic, Providence RI. Thanks Graham!

PS. There is an election coming up. Vote Obama. He's not perfect but he's human.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Two weeks past had Black Pus out on the towns for a mini tour with Buck Gooter and Mounds(Tom Hohmann of U.S.A is a Monster fame). The above borrowed image is by Debbie Allen

I'll start this report out with a new Black Pus track. "Devolver". Came out of nowhere on January 19th 2012. Tacked on the end is a Police Song take also from January, Police Song was played in some form or fashion on the tour and a different recording is on the Primordial Pus LP.

And here's some Buck Gooter from P.U.F.F.E.R.S.Fest in Providence RI, summer 2011. Right outside Black Pus's window! With Black Pus's stuff in the background!!!! Buck Gooter is Terry Turtle and Billy Gooter!

Here's Tom Hohmann

hah hahaha!! Here's Mounds, Beatkeeper/Storyteller Tom and Keyboarder DJ,

Buck Gooter and Mounds were on a two week driveabout but the 4 day BP section visited such glorious locales as Providence, Boston, Brooklyn and Baltimore. Here's a few Pus videos from the Brooklyn show at Death By Audio, filmed by Maks Sushi. This is from Friday the 13th!

closing with a mutated version of The Wicked West from the Primordial Pus LP

a little write up on the show (and others) by Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen

ON sunday after waking up in the spiritual expansion territorium of Tarantula Hill Baltimore, Pus began the trek back to Providence in his workhorse '93 Toyota 4 Runner of the Apocalypse. Around exit 3 of the Jersey Turnpike the car became increasingly "shaky"....

....and soon after the rear left tire shredded prompting an immediate and rough pullover as tire, mudflap and various pieces of trim started flying in all directions.

This brought him to The Weird Motel

To watch a strange channel on the TV

The next morning the spare tire was sawed off(as it was encased in rust), installed, and the mission was back on the road. No one was injured. Well except maybe my wallet. The tolls alone to go from Providence to Baltimore and back cost around $73.75! Wow! At least the $74 tow off the NJ Turnpike saved me $2.25 because I got 2 exits free.

Big thanks to everyone who helped along the way!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Recorded Thursday January 26th 2012 for Marty McSorley's (a.k.a Brandon Perry) show on Tuesday January 31st. Engineered by Ernie Indradat. A fun time!


Here's a great review of the live recording on the "Recent Music Heroes" blog. Written in a manner one might call "by fits and starts even joyous". Thanks!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


The video gets a nice write up right here courtesy of Nick Catucci!

Make it full screen and HD if you want for the second video. Slow but pretty?