Monday, November 28, 2011


Here is a golden nugget sifted out of the gravel of 2008. Almost made it onto Black Pus 4, "All Aboard the Magic Pus" but I guess this song was a little slow(not talking BPMs) and missed the ride.

Next up is an outtake from 2011's Black Pus Primordial Pus. Probably recorded sometime in 2007 or 08 though. Sappy yes but the drums have a nice crackle and sizzle when they decide to make an appearance. Named after the deep dark nights spent chasing the Giant Antlered Deer King of Valley Forge Park, Pennsylvania with my then teenage companions in that neverending dream of youth.


Thursday, September 29, 2011


Black Pus, being one of the the most popular bands with the word "Pus" in it's name gets piles of reviews. A whole landfill worth let me tell you. Thought I would feature a couple.

David Frampton over at Foxy Digitalis says of the Primordial Pus LP, "As far as I can gather this is Brian Chippendales solo project". I don't know what more needs to be said! But more is said, and it is quite nice!

The mighty John Book puts Primordial Pus as one of the best albums of 2011! Right HERE

The LP fanatic "Log" over at I Own Some Records tumblr has some very nice things to say about Black Pus and the Primordial Pus LP!

Boston Indy Booker Dan Shea of B.O.W. puts Primordial Pus in his top 15 LP's from 2011!

And this is a great one from Bastonate. That below is all it says but there are funny comments on the site and other reviews none of which have to do with Black Pus which is good.

The music that we like is still made of rumbles, echoes, strangled voices, sfascione battery, false arrogance, free sick, pissed off for no reason and all that stuff. We are walking cliché but at least we do not fuck. He is the drummer of Lightning Bolt. 8.1"

Thursday, September 1, 2011



After huffing and puffing my equipment up the stairs back into my studio after a string of shows I decided to weigh it all. It comes out to roughly 630 lbs of stuff, the heaviest part being one old 100 lb 4x12 that I found in Fort Thunder when we moved in in 1995. Add my 170 to it and Black Pus is the 800 lb gorilla in the room.

First up in the latest edition of this rarely looked at yet always celebrated blog post, live sunday december 4th 2011 at Death By Audio, voted best place to play in Brooklyn by Black Pus sometime last September. This is the set's opening, filmed by Mats Suski


That was Black pus @ Machines w/ Magnets from Stephen Ryan on Vimeo. A special moment in BlaPus history because the "song" in the video came out of nowhere and has now been added as a staple in the current set.

Here's a cool video by Kenny Chen, wish it was longer!

this one is from the youtube channel, themurvolta

Here's one by Mike Knives

The ever powerful Dave Fischer

cool montage by Artstar19 for one of my best songs,

and my own attempt at "remixing"

Thanks to all above for posting these on Youtube and Vimeo!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



I wanted to post this review of my new record, printed in Wire Magazine issue 331, September 2011. It is written by Nick Richardson.

"The latest LP by Brian Chippendale- better known as the masked drummer in Lightning Bolt- is more digestible than the last, with eight short tracks, all variations on clattering kit, rumbling, buzzing bass and bawled vocals. It's a pre-digital Music for the Jilted Generation: Chippendale's snare has that classic 1990s, hollow metal tang; he frequently defaults to a mid-tempo breakbeat; his bass cuts like a roughened saw wave; and the lyrics, it's hard to pick them out, but they're not not"fuck them and their law". More than that, Black Pus and classic Prodigy share a demeanour: a brash, in-yer-face-ness that now seems quaintly old fashioned."

Ok Ok! 8 short tracks, song 4 is 6:14, song 7 is 8:11. the rest are 3-6. Ok Ok! No 20 minute long burners. Ok Ok, I think Nick Richardson has a good grip on song length.

Lyrics? "but they're not not 'fuck them and their law'"? Tricky clever half sentence Nick Richardson!

Let me print a few lyrics for you Nick Richardson to clarify the hard-to-pick-out-ness of them. The lyrics are printed in the CD and LP but sometimes when you buy it the jacket gets lost in the mail and you just end up with the cold jacketless MP3!

Hole in the Ground, "we were out there looking for a hideout, we were looking for a place to go, we were looking for a cave or a hole, the kind of place that nobody knows, yeah we needed to get lost, yeah we needed to get missing for a while, we were out there looking for a tunnel, we want to get to the higher ground. We were down there looking for an ancient portal, we were looking for a way to go, looking for a sight or a sound, the kind of thing that is never shown, we were looking to ascend, trying to do more than just pretend, we were looking out for the mystic forces, chanting all the way we went."

I'll Come When I Can, "Slow, the eye on the road. Sun, don't leave me behind. Rain, I'm in your control. Sky, remember my name. Sun, I'd come if I could. Cloud, I'm learning to fly. Space, I'm training my body to survive. I'll come when I can"

Hah Haha. No Poet Laureate that guy but he's tryin! Ok OK. perhaps this is a "fuck you" to a certain kind of law. Or maybe Nick Richardson from Wire Magazine pulled that concept out of the title of song number two, "Police Song", a song named after it's melodic reference to a Police song...

Well, Nick Richardson from Wire Magazine definitely pegged the 1990s sounding snare. I have had that snare since the 1990s! But it's actually from the 70s!

Here's some of that default breakbeat drumming Nick Richardson referred too,

I'll Come When I Can by FACE KUSS

Buy the New LP HERE, by 1990s superstar Brian Chippendale!

Or if all of the above written by Brian Chippendale doesn't convince you than maybe this Not Not Not Nick Richardson Guy has a little more to say about it.

Thanks Nick!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011