Wednesday, August 7, 2013


"you probably saw this post yesterday or chose not to see it as you will choose not to see it today or you will just never see it because seeing a FaceBook post (I call all posts everywhere Facebook posts even in fences and under signs) in a wash of FB posts is like catching the eye of a drop of rain and peering into it's soul." 

It's been a big year for travel. So much so that i don't always remember where I am, what time it is or what I should be doing. Travel for me has included a month long Black Pus U.S tour, a trip to the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE to play drums in the streets around an art fair, a week in Japan as drummer number 91 in the latest installment of the Boredom's Boadrum. I even got a chance to linger on the beaches of Block Island, a sweet little (real)island off the coast of Rhode (not really an)Island. And the travel won't be ending anytime soon. Coming up is a 22 date Black Pus Europe/UK tour starting in September and then Lightning Bolt hits New Zealand and Australia for a tour and an appearance at ATP in late October early November. Here's a quick return to Japan to see Lone Wolf aka Ryan Sawyer play a bit of a solo set. 

Hey here's Flaming Lips covering the same cover

and the original

Devo. Where was I.  Oh but the Japan trip was a great time. The Boredoms remain true heroes. 

A remnant of the US tour, here is Black Pus's June 9th live set on Thomas Storck's Dangerous for the Brain show on WFMU engineered by Ernie Indradat. 

Travel. lets not travel for a moment. Let's sit still, and coagulate some related bloodlines...

                  The boys are back in town.

Lightning Bolt has a new song out for Adults Swim's summer music series that you can download by clicking here! Barbarian Boy! 

Next it's an unreleased Black Pus track from a few years back, "Down by the Stream"

Black Pus also has a new song "Pay My Billz" recorded at Machine with Magnets(same studio Barbarian Boy was done) released on the Esopus Magazine compilation from issue 19. 


Both songs feature a HiHat!  

Machines with Magnets also recently finished recording an album for Humanbeast, a providence duo who's LP "Venus Ejaculates into the Banquet" just came out on Load records. This song "chandelier" features some ssssssssick screams by singer Maralie Armstrong!

Videos.  Black Pus was lucky enough to have Carlos MontaƱa film a video for Primordial Pus's "Hole in the Ground". You can get that record and others through Forced Exposure. I like this song, and video. Huge thanks to Carlos for making this.

here are a couple video highlights from the springs U.S. tour,
a raging version of Neuronic Knife in San Diego. I love this video.

I rolled into San Diego fighting a fever after two sweaty days in LA and luckily found some delicious Pho to steam some of the germs out. I highly recommend Tao Restaurant. I only went once but the food was great and when the owner overheard I was sick he gave me a free large fresh squeezed orange juice. Guy was super nice and the walls had crazy scribbles all over them. 

Here is one of the LA nights that helped get me sick! Full Set at The Smell!

also some silkscreens i made like this one below are available for sale at picturebox!

Block Island

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's Black Pus tour time. It all starts this Friday May 3rd and these are the cities in order. It's gonna be a haul.  5/3 Boston MA, 5/4 Buffalo NY, 5/5 Cleveland OH, 5/6 Ann Arbor MI, 5/7 Chicago IL, 5/8 Milwaukee MN, 5/9 St. Paul MN, 5/10 Omaha NE, 5/12 Denver CO, 5/13 Salt Lake City UT, 5/14 Boise ID, 5/15 Seattle WA, 5/16 Portland OR, 5/18 SF CA, 5/19 Oakland CA, 5/20 LA CA, 5/21 KXLU(radio show), 5/22 San Diego CA, 5/23 Tucson (first time ever in Tucson for any music gig!) AZ, 5/24 Albuquerque NM, 5/25 Norman OK, 5/26 Austin TX, 5/27 Houston TX, 5/28 New Orleans LA, 5/29 Atlanta GA, 5/30 Raleigh NC, 5/31 Baltimore MD, 6/1 Philadelphia PA, 6/2 Brooklyn NY 6/3 WFMU(Radio Show), 6/6 Providence RI. Click here for all the show info.

I spend my pre tour weeks wandering my studio wondering if I have time to silkscreen the covers for Black Pus 4's vinyl addition. I wondered about it so much i used all the time up I needed to actually do it. For this I am very sorry. Now I am wondering about whether I should print T-shirts or not. Or print covers to some old CDRs. Or finish the print for a Cinders Gallery show I said I would be in. Or practice the songs for the tour. ah. That's what the first 3 shows are for right? Maybe I have time to write a blog post. I am wondering so much I might be developing an allergy to wondering. I'll stop wondering and announce some things. I'll announce this new interview with Seth Sher first. And here's another with Dan Friel and finally, the Black Pus interview to end all Black Pus interviews, with Ray Cummings to whom I am very grateful for putting in the effort to really listen to my music.

Next I am very happy to announce that Peter Glantz (half of the team that brought you Lightning Bolt, The Power of Salad and Milkshakes) and I ganged up to make a very quick video for an ipad magazine last year called "Swedish Unlimited". That issue of the magazine has come and gone(with a different edit of the video) so we decided to let loose our version for your viewing pleasure. Just Black Pus in the practice zone surrounded by his Power Items.

Peter G also directed this rocking Andrew WK video with crazy gooey art by James Quigley

I am also extremily happy to say that Light Hits (Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala) video for Hear No Evil is up and thriving on youTube earning such classic comments as "The visuals are nice, the music sucks" and "this sucks". (Though a Black Pus defender went in and laid waste to some people, be they innocent or guilty). The usual youTube experience. This video takes Black Pus visually in a direction I have always associated with the music, a grimy, trippy, mystical earthworld, but personally have not been able to make a reality through my own videos. I am deeply grateful to Light Hits for putting the time into this. This is big for me. I love it.

Light Hits also directed this video for Florida's "Ann Pragg". The song's a dark brooder.

I am also delighted to say that Mikey Knives, famed maker of weird as shit stuffed tentacle beasts,

and U.S.A. Road Protecter of both Lightning Bolt and Black Pus has released some more live footage of BP handily devouring a dark room containing a guy with a beard and some ladies. There are 5 parts to the show, filmed at M.A.R.S. Gas in Providence on some wintery night a few years back. Part 1(not pictured) starts with a song I used to play a lot and then i forgot about it, a version that really shreds. I should start playing this song again. The second half of part 1 then goes into a substandard version of Marauder, so i went with part 3 to feature here which is a slow building improv that sounds pretty mammoth. Oh part 4 is funny because there is no song played at all. Just 5 minutes of fiddling. Evil fiddling. Look for Mikey with me on this tour, hanging out with his tentacle beast.

Also here's a link to the tale of my drumming trip to the UAE if you are tired of all these videos

Now if it pleases you or not you can watch this video by Foot Village. Label mates on the Deathbomb Arc label(the label releasing my Black Pus 0, Ultimate Beat Off album on vinyl) and they also shared a split 12" with The Pus in '07. Foot Village will be playing the LA show at The Smell. FV rock the drum/vocal primitive approach saturated with both malice and total good times vibe.

Let's close with two videos. a cool new video by bleak masters Wolf Eyes, off their new LP "No Answer:Lower Floors"

and "King Wizard" by Kid Cudi off his new album "Indicud"

I like them both. See y'all on tour and may the bootleg force be with you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Well its release day or it was yesterday or tomorrow or whatever i mean who really pays attention to the details? Details are like the leaves on a tree and when you are climbing or falling you really need to focus on the larger branches. The leaves, beautiful and useful as they may be, won't provide you with a platform to put any weight on. But wait, what am i even talking about? What follows is my 7 point program to catch up with all things PUS...

1. Black Pus "All My Relations" is out!

2. Black Pus "1000 Years" has a video, nearly 1000 scans of flipbooks i made when i was a kid and have been carting around for a lifetime.

(pretty sure I meant to write "Adventurer" on this old cover of one of the books.)

3. the Black Pus one page silkscreen comic i printed as an LP incentive is probably getting hard to find already, but i know Aquarius Records in SF had some a minute ago...

4. and now, New Record reviews 

first off big thanks to Brad Cohen at MTVhive for this rad tour through some Black Pus'ness

Pitchfork 7.2 out of 10 "he colors in the nooks and crannies between snare cracks with the kind of stoner-shrapnel that would make Boredoms jealous."

Drowned in Sound 8/10 stars "Brian Chippendale has no interest in making his puzzles easy, but Christ, it’s just wonderful to hear him playing drums."

Louder than War 9/10 "It’s a superb album with more pounding than a hangover after a 24 hour drinking session. Deeply original and very slightly disturbing"

This is Books Music "Listen to All My Relations for its brutal volume, then listen to it for its psychotic brilliance."

Dots and Dashes "Lightning Bolt heck-raiser Brian Chippendale’s most relentlessly exhausting record to date" 

Slant Magazine 3.5 of 5 "Chippendale seems to have come into his own on sophomore effort All My Relations"

Spin Magazine Well, it's only a piece of a larger Foot Village article but still, FV is cool so I'm cool I think, "if we're talking about shiny, happy, rainbow-obsessed drummers, then Lightning Bolt's decibel-pushing triathlete Brian Chippendale should own the conversation"

Sputnik Music 4/5 "Chippendale is free to stretch his legs and make some ridiculous tribal onslaughts peppered with dissonance while also showing some real signs of catchiness"

5. and now, Interviewish things

an interview with Quietus "I think it may be because there's a satisfaction in the drumming, like you can play almost anything and chemically you're going to become involved with it just because you're hitting things"

interview with Electronic Beats "”Why did the chicken cross the road? Because they were having a sale on limited edition noise CD-R’s across the street.” 

an interview with Decibel Magazine "When I play a Black Pus show, I carry all this stuff down and up the stairs. I weighed everything and it’s 630 pounds of shit. I weight about 170, so I always say that together with my equipment, Black Pus is an 800-pound gorilla"

...and here's a weird little survey I talked my way around for "I laid across the empty theater seats in a dream state that didn’t cease till the movie’s psychedelic flight through an urban landscape reclaimed by nature came to a hallucinogenic halt many moons later."

6. Tiny Showcase has just launched a new printing of a Jungil Hong/Brian Chippendale(me) collaboration! CLick here to get it while the gettings good! for cheap! This is a reproduction of a collage that is currently owned by the one and only Matt Leines. $250 of all profits go to Trees 2020, an initiative in Providence RI dedicated to planting trees in the city. 

7. I just took a 10 day trip to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates where it's sunny and 90F and now I"m back ankle deep in half frozen grey slush muck. It was an awesome trip but I'll save that story for later.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's Big News Day!

When 2011's Primordial Pus LP came out on Load Records I could barely get my children to listen to it(all 206 of them each named for a specific bone in the body), and there was no way in hell i could get that exciting and trendy farming website Pitchfork to throw a bale of hay in it's direction. yeah i know i know, the record sounded, well, lofi might be generous, but the tunes were there, you just had to penetrate the patina of "the horror of existence" to get to them.

but anyway Big News Day news report starts with this, Pitchfork has announced and reviewed a new track off my upcoming Thrill Jockey LP "All My Relations", the song is "1000 Years" and Grayson Currin calls it "Playful and mean, catchy but corrosive".

In celebration of such a bouncy "jive beat" song being released i thought i would also put up a jam from 3 days ago, a freeform drum ditty let's call "Sometimes I Pretend"

It's a "First thought Best thought" document as they say and it marks me moving the hi-hat from the closet back into my kit after maybe a decade of storage. Hey why not? Winter is long, dark and cold and you need all the friends you can get.

While you listen to that you can read this fast and furious interview i recently did with the Rocksucker Blog. where I deliver many notable lines such as "I'm chanting something, I was probably in some sort of demonic trance that I have no memory of".

Now to flesh out Big News Day let's throw up a live show recorded on January 27th 2013 at AS220 in Providence. This freewheeling live set is the counterpoint to the straight n' simple 1000 Years. Right out of the gate I play song number 1 wrong and never got a note or beat correct after that(leaving plenty of space for happy accidents). I have barely listened to this set, maybe after i do I will take it wait, now I'm 14 minutes in and digging it muffled it may be.

it comes with this photo that Chris Anderson took at the show that I like to call "when you are a rockstar why wait till after the show to get your groupie blowjob".

That romance out of the way, it's also Valentines Day today, so if you have a minute go check out my dear lady's instagram feed or her website.

PS: don't forget to follow Die Antwoord on Twitter

PS2: if you want to play that "Sometimes I Pretend" drum beat again simultaneous mashup style with Graham Bessellieu's time stretch version of Lightning Bolt's "Rain on Lake I'm Swimming On" go for it, it's rad sounding but you may have to open one of them in a new window.

PS3: let's go out on some upcoming Black Pus tour dates starting this May;

05-03 Boston, MA- Cambridge Elks Lounge

05-04 Buffalo, NY- Sound Lab
05-05 Cleveland, OH- Happy Dog
05-07 Chicago, IL- Empty Bottle
05-09 St.Paul, MN- Turf Club *
05-10 Omaha, NE- Slowdown
05-11 Denver, CO- Larimer Lounge
05-13 Salt Lake City, UT- Kilby Court
05-14 Boise, ID- Neurolux
05-15 Seattle, WA- Black Lodge ^
05-16 Portland, OR – Bunk Bar
05-18 San Francisco, CA- Hemlock Tavern
05-19 Oakland, CA- Lobot Gallery
05-20 Los Angeles, CA- The Smell #
05-22 San Diego, CA- Soda Bar
05-23 Tucson, AZ- Topaz Tundra
05-24 Albuquerque, NM- Small Engine
05-26 Austin, TX- Mohawk (Inside)
05-27 Houston, TX Domy Books Patio
05-29 Atlanta, GA- The Earl
05-30 Raleigh, NC- Kings Barcade
05-31 Baltimore, MD- Golden West %
06-01 Philadelphia, PA- PhilaMOCA (
06-02 Brooklyn, NY- Death By Audio

*Skoal Kodiak, Seawhores
^MTNS, Numbs
#Foot Village, Street Buddy
%Unregistered Nurse

Snow Amoeba

Thursday, January 31, 2013


The word is out! Black Pus is proud to be joining the Thrill Jockey family for it's 8th album "All My Relations" to be released March 19th on LP, CD and digital. This is a hifi affair recorded at Machine with Magnets by Keith Souza and Seth Manchester, the same studio and team that brought you recent LP's by Battles, The Body and The Skull Defekts. The MWM boys play protools like Bobby Fischer plays chess.

Here is the cover art for the upcoming 8 song LP.

Black Pus is also happy to announce here on announcement day that the band will now be booked by Panache Booking, and will be commencing on a U.S. tour in May to support the new album. To celebrate the idea of seeing Black Pus live in a town near you we unearthed a 4 song chunk of never before seen live footage filmed in 2009 by Mikey Knives. Featuring the unrecorded/unreleased live classics "Genesisysphus" and "Monk Meet Skunk" as well as Venusian Dance Chart toppers "I'll Come When I Can" and "The Wicked West"

in other recent Black Pus news we have the latest couple home grown videos by the band in it's attempt to make at least one video for each of it's releases. First, "The Wise Toad" from 2008's Black Pus 4, All Aboard the Magic Pus

Previous to that we had "Floatzilla", from 2007's split LP with Foot Village on Deathbomb Arc records filmed in the now defunct warehouse culture zone Castlevania. It and it's neighbors Witch Club, Paragon and Soft Approach are all sadly missed. R.I.P.- O.E.D.

oh and we are very thankful to llC4ll for his video of "Play God" from 2012's bandcamp album "Pus Mortem"

Pus Mortem managed to bribe it's way onto a couple "best of 2012" lists, Procurement Records puts Pus Mortem at #29 on it's top 50 records of the year list and says some nice things like "the vocal ranges that are created throughout is quite astounding" and The Boston Hassle's Sam Potrykus says "It starts you out on an autobahn of heavy, manic grooves, careening through several diverse landscapes of experimental noise and dynamic, spiritual textures and leaves you way out in space"

Let's round up some other Pus Mortem reviews; 

Burgers and Dumplings! asks the question "if Black Pus could churn out 7 albums in a matter of almost 10 years without relenting in his noise, why can't you handle it for one second?". says "Given I run with an approximate pace of 5 minutes per kilometre (~8 minutes per mile), I can start PUS MORTEM and get around 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) of running comfortably under my belt before the album ends"

God of Blues hits us with "Pus Mortem brings out some of Black Pus's most accessible material to date interweaved throughout the album"

and Sonic Masala says of the album "Pus Mortem is probably the best solo stuff he's done by a country mile. Loud, abrasive, face-melting excellence par none. Wade in."

listen to Pus Mortem here(and throw in a little donation if your wallets feeling wintertime fat)

Oh what else. Too much already. Oh this nice interview came out a few months back, Only a small amount of what is uttered by me is totally foolish, "I think a lot of my current aesthetic rose from that(Fort Thunder)" uh, duh.

oh yeah PS, I'm into this song by a pal Kokomo aka Baby Aspirin aka Shitty Eagle, his theme to a play by the Baltimore Annex Theater based on PK Dick's book Ubik. Here's the whole album.