Sunday, April 22, 2012


Two weeks past had Black Pus out on the towns for a mini tour with Buck Gooter and Mounds(Tom Hohmann of U.S.A is a Monster fame). The above borrowed image is by Debbie Allen

I'll start this report out with a new Black Pus track. "Devolver". Came out of nowhere on January 19th 2012. Tacked on the end is a Police Song take also from January, Police Song was played in some form or fashion on the tour and a different recording is on the Primordial Pus LP.

And here's some Buck Gooter from P.U.F.F.E.R.S.Fest in Providence RI, summer 2011. Right outside Black Pus's window! With Black Pus's stuff in the background!!!! Buck Gooter is Terry Turtle and Billy Gooter!

Here's Tom Hohmann

hah hahaha!! Here's Mounds, Beatkeeper/Storyteller Tom and Keyboarder DJ,

Buck Gooter and Mounds were on a two week driveabout but the 4 day BP section visited such glorious locales as Providence, Boston, Brooklyn and Baltimore. Here's a few Pus videos from the Brooklyn show at Death By Audio, filmed by Maks Sushi. This is from Friday the 13th!

closing with a mutated version of The Wicked West from the Primordial Pus LP

a little write up on the show (and others) by Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen

ON sunday after waking up in the spiritual expansion territorium of Tarantula Hill Baltimore, Pus began the trek back to Providence in his workhorse '93 Toyota 4 Runner of the Apocalypse. Around exit 3 of the Jersey Turnpike the car became increasingly "shaky"....

....and soon after the rear left tire shredded prompting an immediate and rough pullover as tire, mudflap and various pieces of trim started flying in all directions.

This brought him to The Weird Motel

To watch a strange channel on the TV

The next morning the spare tire was sawed off(as it was encased in rust), installed, and the mission was back on the road. No one was injured. Well except maybe my wallet. The tolls alone to go from Providence to Baltimore and back cost around $73.75! Wow! At least the $74 tow off the NJ Turnpike saved me $2.25 because I got 2 exits free.

Big thanks to everyone who helped along the way!!!

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