Thursday, January 31, 2013


The word is out! Black Pus is proud to be joining the Thrill Jockey family for it's 8th album "All My Relations" to be released March 19th on LP, CD and digital. This is a hifi affair recorded at Machine with Magnets by Keith Souza and Seth Manchester, the same studio and team that brought you recent LP's by Battles, The Body and The Skull Defekts. The MWM boys play protools like Bobby Fischer plays chess.

Here is the cover art for the upcoming 8 song LP.

Black Pus is also happy to announce here on announcement day that the band will now be booked by Panache Booking, and will be commencing on a U.S. tour in May to support the new album. To celebrate the idea of seeing Black Pus live in a town near you we unearthed a 4 song chunk of never before seen live footage filmed in 2009 by Mikey Knives. Featuring the unrecorded/unreleased live classics "Genesisysphus" and "Monk Meet Skunk" as well as Venusian Dance Chart toppers "I'll Come When I Can" and "The Wicked West"

in other recent Black Pus news we have the latest couple home grown videos by the band in it's attempt to make at least one video for each of it's releases. First, "The Wise Toad" from 2008's Black Pus 4, All Aboard the Magic Pus

Previous to that we had "Floatzilla", from 2007's split LP with Foot Village on Deathbomb Arc records filmed in the now defunct warehouse culture zone Castlevania. It and it's neighbors Witch Club, Paragon and Soft Approach are all sadly missed. R.I.P.- O.E.D.

oh and we are very thankful to llC4ll for his video of "Play God" from 2012's bandcamp album "Pus Mortem"

Pus Mortem managed to bribe it's way onto a couple "best of 2012" lists, Procurement Records puts Pus Mortem at #29 on it's top 50 records of the year list and says some nice things like "the vocal ranges that are created throughout is quite astounding" and The Boston Hassle's Sam Potrykus says "It starts you out on an autobahn of heavy, manic grooves, careening through several diverse landscapes of experimental noise and dynamic, spiritual textures and leaves you way out in space"

Let's round up some other Pus Mortem reviews; 

Burgers and Dumplings! asks the question "if Black Pus could churn out 7 albums in a matter of almost 10 years without relenting in his noise, why can't you handle it for one second?". says "Given I run with an approximate pace of 5 minutes per kilometre (~8 minutes per mile), I can start PUS MORTEM and get around 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) of running comfortably under my belt before the album ends"

God of Blues hits us with "Pus Mortem brings out some of Black Pus's most accessible material to date interweaved throughout the album"

and Sonic Masala says of the album "Pus Mortem is probably the best solo stuff he's done by a country mile. Loud, abrasive, face-melting excellence par none. Wade in."

listen to Pus Mortem here(and throw in a little donation if your wallets feeling wintertime fat)

Oh what else. Too much already. Oh this nice interview came out a few months back, Only a small amount of what is uttered by me is totally foolish, "I think a lot of my current aesthetic rose from that(Fort Thunder)" uh, duh.

oh yeah PS, I'm into this song by a pal Kokomo aka Baby Aspirin aka Shitty Eagle, his theme to a play by the Baltimore Annex Theater based on PK Dick's book Ubik. Here's the whole album.

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