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I wanted to post this review of my new record, printed in Wire Magazine issue 331, September 2011. It is written by Nick Richardson.

"The latest LP by Brian Chippendale- better known as the masked drummer in Lightning Bolt- is more digestible than the last, with eight short tracks, all variations on clattering kit, rumbling, buzzing bass and bawled vocals. It's a pre-digital Music for the Jilted Generation: Chippendale's snare has that classic 1990s, hollow metal tang; he frequently defaults to a mid-tempo breakbeat; his bass cuts like a roughened saw wave; and the lyrics, it's hard to pick them out, but they're not not"fuck them and their law". More than that, Black Pus and classic Prodigy share a demeanour: a brash, in-yer-face-ness that now seems quaintly old fashioned."

Ok Ok! 8 short tracks, song 4 is 6:14, song 7 is 8:11. the rest are 3-6. Ok Ok! No 20 minute long burners. Ok Ok, I think Nick Richardson has a good grip on song length.

Lyrics? "but they're not not 'fuck them and their law'"? Tricky clever half sentence Nick Richardson!

Let me print a few lyrics for you Nick Richardson to clarify the hard-to-pick-out-ness of them. The lyrics are printed in the CD and LP but sometimes when you buy it the jacket gets lost in the mail and you just end up with the cold jacketless MP3!

Hole in the Ground, "we were out there looking for a hideout, we were looking for a place to go, we were looking for a cave or a hole, the kind of place that nobody knows, yeah we needed to get lost, yeah we needed to get missing for a while, we were out there looking for a tunnel, we want to get to the higher ground. We were down there looking for an ancient portal, we were looking for a way to go, looking for a sight or a sound, the kind of thing that is never shown, we were looking to ascend, trying to do more than just pretend, we were looking out for the mystic forces, chanting all the way we went."

I'll Come When I Can, "Slow, the eye on the road. Sun, don't leave me behind. Rain, I'm in your control. Sky, remember my name. Sun, I'd come if I could. Cloud, I'm learning to fly. Space, I'm training my body to survive. I'll come when I can"

Hah Haha. No Poet Laureate that guy but he's tryin! Ok OK. perhaps this is a "fuck you" to a certain kind of law. Or maybe Nick Richardson from Wire Magazine pulled that concept out of the title of song number two, "Police Song", a song named after it's melodic reference to a Police song...

Well, Nick Richardson from Wire Magazine definitely pegged the 1990s sounding snare. I have had that snare since the 1990s! But it's actually from the 70s!

Here's some of that default breakbeat drumming Nick Richardson referred too,

I'll Come When I Can by FACE KUSS

Buy the New LP HERE, by 1990s superstar Brian Chippendale!

Or if all of the above written by Brian Chippendale doesn't convince you than maybe this Not Not Not Nick Richardson Guy has a little more to say about it.

Thanks Nick!!!

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