Thursday, September 29, 2011


Black Pus, being one of the the most popular bands with the word "Pus" in it's name gets piles of reviews. A whole landfill worth let me tell you. Thought I would feature a couple.

David Frampton over at Foxy Digitalis says of the Primordial Pus LP, "As far as I can gather this is Brian Chippendales solo project". I don't know what more needs to be said! But more is said, and it is quite nice!

The mighty John Book puts Primordial Pus as one of the best albums of 2011! Right HERE

The LP fanatic "Log" over at I Own Some Records tumblr has some very nice things to say about Black Pus and the Primordial Pus LP!

Boston Indy Booker Dan Shea of B.O.W. puts Primordial Pus in his top 15 LP's from 2011!

And this is a great one from Bastonate. That below is all it says but there are funny comments on the site and other reviews none of which have to do with Black Pus which is good.

The music that we like is still made of rumbles, echoes, strangled voices, sfascione battery, false arrogance, free sick, pissed off for no reason and all that stuff. We are walking cliché but at least we do not fuck. He is the drummer of Lightning Bolt. 8.1"

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