Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Well its release day or it was yesterday or tomorrow or whatever i mean who really pays attention to the details? Details are like the leaves on a tree and when you are climbing or falling you really need to focus on the larger branches. The leaves, beautiful and useful as they may be, won't provide you with a platform to put any weight on. But wait, what am i even talking about? What follows is my 7 point program to catch up with all things PUS...

1. Black Pus "All My Relations" is out!

2. Black Pus "1000 Years" has a video, nearly 1000 scans of flipbooks i made when i was a kid and have been carting around for a lifetime.

(pretty sure I meant to write "Adventurer" on this old cover of one of the books.)

3. the Black Pus one page silkscreen comic i printed as an LP incentive is probably getting hard to find already, but i know Aquarius Records in SF had some a minute ago...

4. and now, New Record reviews 

first off big thanks to Brad Cohen at MTVhive for this rad tour through some Black Pus'ness

Pitchfork 7.2 out of 10 "he colors in the nooks and crannies between snare cracks with the kind of stoner-shrapnel that would make Boredoms jealous."

Drowned in Sound 8/10 stars "Brian Chippendale has no interest in making his puzzles easy, but Christ, it’s just wonderful to hear him playing drums."

Louder than War 9/10 "It’s a superb album with more pounding than a hangover after a 24 hour drinking session. Deeply original and very slightly disturbing"

This is Books Music "Listen to All My Relations for its brutal volume, then listen to it for its psychotic brilliance."

Dots and Dashes "Lightning Bolt heck-raiser Brian Chippendale’s most relentlessly exhausting record to date" 

Slant Magazine 3.5 of 5 "Chippendale seems to have come into his own on sophomore effort All My Relations"

Spin Magazine Well, it's only a piece of a larger Foot Village article but still, FV is cool so I'm cool I think, "if we're talking about shiny, happy, rainbow-obsessed drummers, then Lightning Bolt's decibel-pushing triathlete Brian Chippendale should own the conversation"

Sputnik Music 4/5 "Chippendale is free to stretch his legs and make some ridiculous tribal onslaughts peppered with dissonance while also showing some real signs of catchiness"

5. and now, Interviewish things

an interview with Quietus "I think it may be because there's a satisfaction in the drumming, like you can play almost anything and chemically you're going to become involved with it just because you're hitting things"

interview with Electronic Beats "”Why did the chicken cross the road? Because they were having a sale on limited edition noise CD-R’s across the street.” 

an interview with Decibel Magazine "When I play a Black Pus show, I carry all this stuff down and up the stairs. I weighed everything and it’s 630 pounds of shit. I weight about 170, so I always say that together with my equipment, Black Pus is an 800-pound gorilla"

...and here's a weird little survey I talked my way around for "I laid across the empty theater seats in a dream state that didn’t cease till the movie’s psychedelic flight through an urban landscape reclaimed by nature came to a hallucinogenic halt many moons later."

6. Tiny Showcase has just launched a new printing of a Jungil Hong/Brian Chippendale(me) collaboration! CLick here to get it while the gettings good! for cheap! This is a reproduction of a collage that is currently owned by the one and only Matt Leines. $250 of all profits go to Trees 2020, an initiative in Providence RI dedicated to planting trees in the city. 

7. I just took a 10 day trip to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates where it's sunny and 90F and now I"m back ankle deep in half frozen grey slush muck. It was an awesome trip but I'll save that story for later.


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