Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's Black Pus tour time. It all starts this Friday May 3rd and these are the cities in order. It's gonna be a haul.  5/3 Boston MA, 5/4 Buffalo NY, 5/5 Cleveland OH, 5/6 Ann Arbor MI, 5/7 Chicago IL, 5/8 Milwaukee MN, 5/9 St. Paul MN, 5/10 Omaha NE, 5/12 Denver CO, 5/13 Salt Lake City UT, 5/14 Boise ID, 5/15 Seattle WA, 5/16 Portland OR, 5/18 SF CA, 5/19 Oakland CA, 5/20 LA CA, 5/21 KXLU(radio show), 5/22 San Diego CA, 5/23 Tucson (first time ever in Tucson for any music gig!) AZ, 5/24 Albuquerque NM, 5/25 Norman OK, 5/26 Austin TX, 5/27 Houston TX, 5/28 New Orleans LA, 5/29 Atlanta GA, 5/30 Raleigh NC, 5/31 Baltimore MD, 6/1 Philadelphia PA, 6/2 Brooklyn NY 6/3 WFMU(Radio Show), 6/6 Providence RI. Click here for all the show info.

I spend my pre tour weeks wandering my studio wondering if I have time to silkscreen the covers for Black Pus 4's vinyl addition. I wondered about it so much i used all the time up I needed to actually do it. For this I am very sorry. Now I am wondering about whether I should print T-shirts or not. Or print covers to some old CDRs. Or finish the print for a Cinders Gallery show I said I would be in. Or practice the songs for the tour. ah. That's what the first 3 shows are for right? Maybe I have time to write a blog post. I am wondering so much I might be developing an allergy to wondering. I'll stop wondering and announce some things. I'll announce this new interview with Seth Sher first. And here's another with Dan Friel and finally, the Black Pus interview to end all Black Pus interviews, with Ray Cummings to whom I am very grateful for putting in the effort to really listen to my music.

Next I am very happy to announce that Peter Glantz (half of the team that brought you Lightning Bolt, The Power of Salad and Milkshakes) and I ganged up to make a very quick video for an ipad magazine last year called "Swedish Unlimited". That issue of the magazine has come and gone(with a different edit of the video) so we decided to let loose our version for your viewing pleasure. Just Black Pus in the practice zone surrounded by his Power Items.

Peter G also directed this rocking Andrew WK video with crazy gooey art by James Quigley

I am also extremily happy to say that Light Hits (Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala) video for Hear No Evil is up and thriving on youTube earning such classic comments as "The visuals are nice, the music sucks" and "this sucks". (Though a Black Pus defender went in and laid waste to some people, be they innocent or guilty). The usual youTube experience. This video takes Black Pus visually in a direction I have always associated with the music, a grimy, trippy, mystical earthworld, but personally have not been able to make a reality through my own videos. I am deeply grateful to Light Hits for putting the time into this. This is big for me. I love it.

Light Hits also directed this video for Florida's "Ann Pragg". The song's a dark brooder.

I am also delighted to say that Mikey Knives, famed maker of weird as shit stuffed tentacle beasts,

and U.S.A. Road Protecter of both Lightning Bolt and Black Pus has released some more live footage of BP handily devouring a dark room containing a guy with a beard and some ladies. There are 5 parts to the show, filmed at M.A.R.S. Gas in Providence on some wintery night a few years back. Part 1(not pictured) starts with a song I used to play a lot and then i forgot about it, a version that really shreds. I should start playing this song again. The second half of part 1 then goes into a substandard version of Marauder, so i went with part 3 to feature here which is a slow building improv that sounds pretty mammoth. Oh part 4 is funny because there is no song played at all. Just 5 minutes of fiddling. Evil fiddling. Look for Mikey with me on this tour, hanging out with his tentacle beast.

Also here's a link to the tale of my drumming trip to the UAE if you are tired of all these videos

Now if it pleases you or not you can watch this video by Foot Village. Label mates on the Deathbomb Arc label(the label releasing my Black Pus 0, Ultimate Beat Off album on vinyl) and they also shared a split 12" with The Pus in '07. Foot Village will be playing the LA show at The Smell. FV rock the drum/vocal primitive approach saturated with both malice and total good times vibe.

Let's close with two videos. a cool new video by bleak masters Wolf Eyes, off their new LP "No Answer:Lower Floors"

and "King Wizard" by Kid Cudi off his new album "Indicud"

I like them both. See y'all on tour and may the bootleg force be with you.


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